It’s the new theme!

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Stephin Merritt!

What a grump. It’s no wonder he’s green.

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Kiki’s Delivery Service!

For a school event. One of Miyazaki’s finest!

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Fela and Amelia!

Fela Kuti! Nigerian musician/activist/cool guy. He’s got quite a distinct face so getting his likeness wasn’t too tough, especially with a tooth gap like that.
Amelia Fletcher of Talulah Gosh/Heavenly/Space Manatee. Her likeness was especially hard to capture! Most likely due to her subdued features. Those sad eyebrows were key.
Below, video of Fela performing, and a video for Heavenly’s “Our Love Is Heavenly”!
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Portraits and Mail Pig!

 My friend Edna told me I gave him Bill Cosby’s eyes.

Lil Wayne has a wonderful face. The abstract colors I’ve used ended up resembling skin tone! That was an accident but it’s neat to see the gap closing between the two.

Also! My friends at COPOUT and I published my most recent comic “The Adventures of Mail Pig” alongside Jason Piperberg‘s “The Search For Sustenance” in the September issue of our First-Friday free mini-comic series.

Click above to read!

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Another Table and Portraits!

I’ve started making series out of these doodles. This one is the final part of the prior 3 pixen images. Something about tables and drinking. Fun fun fun.

Now I’m onto portraits. Here’s Bob Dylan.

And a Kanye West study. Kanye’s got tricky lips! Took me a while to get them remotely close.

This photo was used as reference. Clearly a bad choice, as the values in his lips are pretty smoothed out, which make getting a likeness tough as they’re one of his more iconic features.

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More pixen!

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