City Paper and Other Junk!

Sooooo busy! Finals have started. I will never sleep or eat or participate in good hygiene again. Oh well! But much has happened!

This is my contribution to Philadelphia’s City Paper Comic Issue! They said they’re paying me a few bucks for it, too! Pretty excited to see a check and see what “a few bucks” equates to.

My contribution to COPOUT‘s holiday issue. Planning on doing a colored/touched up version when I score some free time.

This is a roughly colored frame from my Senior thesis. I’ll post more as they come along. It’s a tough and grueling process, but I’m learning so much from each hour I put into it. Excitement!

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One Response to City Paper and Other Junk!

  1. Miyuki says:

    YOU ROCK! I especially love the last one ❤ Keep it up!

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